Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

I DRAW so I STRUGGLE (part 1)

Art is something strange, expressive and beautiful (most of the time)... hence we often talk about Fine Arts. But it's not always fine to be an artist, especially a Comics-maker.
Let me tell you a little story. I used to visit a friend of mine (a girl) who was in my neighborhood. Her mother after some few visits started paying attention to me. And one day, she finally asked her daughter :
-"Your friend is cute and a handsome boy. He could be a very good boyfriend, couldn't he?
- I noticed it too, but I don't know, replied the girl in a shyly way.
- What did he study? went the mother on asking
- He attended a Business School programme somewhere
- And what job does he do now? Commercial officer ? Marketing manager ? Continued the mother
- Not at all. He's cartoonist, he draws comics, answered the daughter. And actually he has been working for an editing company for about six years and...
- No, no I'm not talking about his hobby I am talking about his REAL JOB.
The final words let her daughter speechless.
Yet the mother of my friend is an INTELLECTUAL woman working for the Health Department in CI. You got it... Drawing is very funny, Amusing but not serious and Money-making according to many Ivorian lth departement in and the most part in Africa.
It would be suicidal for you to be a Comics-maker if you can't assume your status... yeah really. So fellow-comics maker get ready to struggle to impose yourself.